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Accurate diagnosis is the basis of successful medical treatment.
YAPAMA and ABBOTT have developed a strong and dynamic partnership in Angola through a distribution agreement of ABBOTT products.
The combination between Abbott advanced diagnostic system and Yapama strong presence in the Angola Market has made laboratory services more available for the Population , impacting positively the ability to offer quality care.

Yapama offers several product categories of Abbott :

  • Abbott Diagnostics with innovative and integrated equipment that allows the technician to obtain a more immediate, efficient and safe result, ensuring an adequate treatment, in the shortest time and with a single sample;
  • Abbott Molecular that has the equipment with the most complete menu of tests in the market, allowing to make a diagnosis of DNA with more accuracy, in whole blood and in Dried Blood Spot;
  • Abbott Transfusion is the market leader in blood bank testing, ensuring transfusion safety.

Always seeking development, it introduces innovative and unique tests in the market.

In Angola, Abbott is present in the most prestigious health institutions, in the public and private sector supporting them with training programs for laboratory operators and with strong technical assistance available with short notice.