About Hangzhou Yuhang Economic Development Area (HYEDA)


Hangzhou Yuhang Economic Development Area (HYEDA)

    • The Hangzhou  Yuhang Economic Industrial Area (HYEDA) is  considered to be “The Chinese silicon valley”
    • It is strategically located in Zhejiang province - the heart of the Chinese healthcare industry, with connection to main air, land and water transportation routes (only 45 min train from Shanghai)
    • It is to be the biggest base of modern biological medicine and medical equipment industry in the Yangtze River Delta region
    • Over 100 multinational and local bio-med companies are active in the HYEDA – Including SANOFI, Novartis, GSK, Lilly
    • It facilitates leading IP protection systems – a state level best practice
    • HYEDA received Top priority status in Chinese  5 year plan, and is accordingly strongly supported by the local and State government

For more information about the HYEDA park please visit http://www.qjeda.com

Current main active companies in the park (HYEDA)