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Construction and Rehabilitation of 363 Health Clinics in Côte d’Ivoire

As a part of Côte d’Ivoire’s national program to improve the level of healthcare services by providing all the population with professional, available and affordable primary & maternity care, the Government has entrusted to Promed International the turnkey project to design, construct, and equip 123 new clinics and the reconstruction of 240 existing Primary and Secondary Care Clinics across the country known as ESPC – Etablissements Sanitaires Publics de Premier Contact.

All ESPC’s were designed as self-sufficient health centers with inpatient and outpatient services for general community medicine and maternity. Each unit also includes on-site accommodation for the medical staff and is equipped with modern medical equipment.

The Promed project commenced with an in-depth survey of hundreds of rural and urban locations over large parts of the country, locating and mapping the optimal placing of the ESPC within a minimal distance from population concentrations while considering environmental and geophysical considerations.

 The project includes 3 types of ESPC models for Maternity, Pediatrics and General Medicine services:

  • ESPC Type 1 – Small health center with 5 in-patient beds for a population of up to 7,500 inhabitants
  • ESPC Type 2 – Medium health center with 10 in-patient beds for a population of 7,500 to 15,000 inhabitants
  • ESPC Type 3 – Large health center with 16 in-patient beds for a population above 15,000 inhabitants