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Workers' Health and Safety Clinics 

When employees are injured or sick, their wellbeing and speedy recovery are essential in maintaining full productivity. Developed and implemented by Promed, the CSST Centers for Workers’ Health and Safety are the state-of-the-art model in worker’s health-care clinics, suitable for rapid deployment in rural and urban locations. 
Staffed by healthcare professionals, the clinics provide a pleasant, streamlined patient experience and a new level of personal service.  


They’re equipped to deal with a wide range of medical needs and feature a comprehensive range of diagnostic and treatment facilities, including:

  • radiology suites
  • surgical suites and recovery rooms
  • advanced ophthalmologic units
  • dental care suites
  • biological testing laboratories


Preventive medicine is another CSST priority, helping to maintain worker health and prevent the development of serious medical problems. The clinics raise public awareness with health education outreach programs, while working together with employers to assure the enforcement of workplace safety standards.

CSST: focused on good health for sustained productivity.